Rotary Endodontics

Root canal therapy (RCT) allows many of our patients to retain their teeth for a lifetime

Rotary Endodontics (Root canal therapy -RCT)

Root canal therapy (RCT) has been available for many decades and has allowed many of our patients to retain their teeth for a lifetime. Previously the teeth would have just been removed, leading to a lifetime of additional expensive problems. With advances in technology, root canal therapy has become very comfortable for our patients, and means that a tooth that has been extensively infected can be retained for life pain-free with the right restoration.

At Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental, we use the latest in rotary endodontic technology to ensure the best result for our patients as well as minimising any discomfort. For our patients, the Root canal therapy treatment is no more remarkable than having a normal filling. Many of our patients take the opportunity to watch a movie or have a snooze.


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