Preventative Care and Hygiene

Our dental hygienists are focused on achieving and maintaining oral health for our patients

Preventative Care and Dental Hygiene

At Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental we are committed to offering you comprehensive dental care.  The most important service we provide is that of preventative care. Your own teeth are nearly always the best component of your mouth, and we can provide every solution to maintain them.

Our Dental Hygienists, Genevieve and Lynne, are focused on achieving and maintaining oral health for our patients.  They will assist you to prevent gum disease, tooth decay and tooth wear.  This includes hygiene appointments for professional cleaning and tooth strengthening treatments, and consideration of your health history, lifestyle and dietary habits which may be affecting your oral health, for most on a six-monthly basis; fissure sealants to prevent decay in the most commonly decayed parts of your teeth, mouthguards, and instruction for all patients on how best to look after your teeth at home.

Our Dental Hygienists work in conjunction with your dentist to develop individualised care ensuring all of your dental needs are addressed.

Research now supports the long held belief that poor oral health has a direct impact on your general health. Please ask our Dentists or receptionist how our Dental Hygienists can be involved in your oral care.

Our Dentists are also able to provide the best treatment solutions for bad breath or “halitosis”. You can contact our team now on 3354 1077 to arrange a consultation and take the step to avoid this embarrassing problem.


Your dentists at Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental are highly trained in aesthetic dentistry, and can work with you and our world-class dental technicians to provide your perfect smile.