Sleep dentistry and Sedation

Restoring your dental health in comfort

Sleep and Sedation Dentistry – Pain-free Dentistry

We offer different levels of sedation to achieve a comfortable state during treatment. Our facilities and specialist anaesthetist allow these sedation techniques to be used safely and conveniently in our practice at Everton Park on the north-side of Brisbane.

Sedation Dentistry

There are several safe techniques we use to help our patients achieve the most comfortable dental treatment.

  • Light sedation through inhalation sedation
  • Light sedation through oral sedation
  • Advanced sedation through IV sedation – also known as Twilight Sedation or Sleep Dentistry

Methods of IV Sedation

Sleep dentistry (also known as Sedation Dentistry, Conscious Sedation or Twilight Sedation) is the most advanced form of dental sedation. It uses a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs given intravenously to create a dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the entire duration of your dental procedure.

When your appointment is complete, you will have no memory of the noises, smells, or dental procedures, and feel like no time has passed at all. You will feel like you have had a deep and satisfying sleep. No pain, no discomfort, and no fear. You will go home with a sense of well-being and the satisfaction of having attended to your dental health. Make an appointment today to discuss how our dentists at Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental can create a new smile while you sleep.

Many patients take advantage of sleep dentistry to complete treatments and procedures that might normally take multiple visits, in one comfortable appointment.
A qualified specialist anaesthetist stays by your side for the entire procedure to ensure your safety and comfort, and you are afforded state of the art safety and monitoring equipment.
Whether you have had a bad dental experience in the past or dread going to the dentist for any reason, have difficulty keeping your mouth open, have a sensitive gag reflex, need lengthy or extensive treatment, require a surgical procedure such as wisdom teeth removal or implant placement, or are just short on time, sleep dentistry is your solution.

Why do people choose Sleep Dentistry?


One of the most common reasons people avoid going to the dentist is fear or anxiety. Some may have heard frightening stories and some have had horrible experiences as a child or adult. That fear is very difficult to overcome, and often is amplified by many years of avoiding the dentist and knowing the situation in your mouth is not healthy. So if you agree that you don’t want to know what is happening, even if you have one of our friendly dentists who could offer pain-free treatment using local anaesthetic only, then sleep dentistry is an excellent option for you.

Hypersensitive gag reflex

Some people elect to have sedation dentistry because they have an exaggerated gag reflex which makes regular dental treatment very difficult. Sedation for some is the only way they will have their dental needs addressed.


Other patients are not necessarily afraid, but they have extensive treatment needs. Under a regular dental setting, numerous appointments may be needed to complete their treatment. Due to the busy lifestyles of so many of us these days, organising 5-10 appointments could mean treatment might take months to complete. With sedation, treatment can usually be completed in one visit.

Surgical procedures

It is also great for surgical procedures or those that are potentially uncomfortable such as wisdom teeth removal or implant placement. Patients are pleasantly surprised when they have their treatment without realising it ever happened.

Will I be asleep during IV Sedation?

During sedation in our practice, you will be in a relaxed state where you can snooze or sleep through the procedure. The difference between IV sedation and a general anaesthetic, is that your body will retain your ability to breath unassisted. During a general anaesthetic, you lose your natural ability to breath, which requires the use of a ventilating machine in a hospital setting. Sedation dentistry can be carried out in the comfortable rooms of Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental.

A wonderful effect of the medications used in IV sedation is amnesia. Patients remember little or nothing of their dental appointments. This can be very appealing to those who are highly fearful or anxious.

What does it cost?

There is a fee for the sedation dependent upon the duration of the appointment and type of sedation you require. During your initial examination and treatment planning session, our staff will provide you with a complete estimate of fees for your sedation appointment. Medicare will contribute towards the anaesthetist’s fee only. While Medicare does not cover dental treatment in Australia, you can still claim a rebate through your health insurance.

The advantage of sedation over a general anaesthetic is that it does not require you to be booked into a hospital, allowing the procedure to be completed in the convenience and comfort of your dental practice saving you considerable time and money. It is also far safer as your body maintains full control of its own breathing.

What do I need to do?

The first step is to visit one of our caring team for a consultation to assess your dental health. During this visit, your dentist will discuss your treatment needs and outcomes as well as answer any of your questions in a non-confrontational setting. With your help, we will choose which sedation method will work best for you. Our dentists use the latest techniques to give you the most effective dental treatment modern dentistry can achieve.

To discuss how the skilled team at Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental can help prepare your smile for use for a lifetime, call us on 3354 1077 to arrange an appointment to speak with our caring dentists today.


At Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental, we value your comfort. Our dentists offer a friendly and reassuring service, which will let you feel at ease.