How Can Dental Implants Help Replace Your Missing Teeth

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants have become the standard of care over the last decade, and are recommended in many cases when natural teeth are missing.

Like many precision medical devices, dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium and act like the root of your tooth. Once implanted into your jaw, the bone and the implant integrate into one cohesive part and provide a reliable anchor that can be used to support your denture, crowns, or bridges. Researchers have found dental implants to preserve bone and reduce soft tissue loss. Most importantly, they will allow you to eat, speak and laugh with confidence. Implants most closely mimic your natural teeth, and are the optimum method of tooth replacement available today.

Dental implants have a very high clinical success rate, with over 95% retention over many years.

Implant Benefits to Stabilise Dentures

  • Improved confidence
  • Stability during speech and eating provides optimum function
  • Increased preservation of your bone
  • Less food under your denture
  • Superior aesthetics
  • A feeling close to that of your natural teeth

Mini-Dental Implants

Mini-Dental Implants describe implants with a small diameter – just 1.8mm. Used in certain cases, these implants have been proven to function with success rates as high as regular implants, while preserving as much of the patient’s natural bone structure as possible. Most effective in stabilising lower dentures, mini-implants are also used to support fixed prosthodontics such as single tooth replacement, or crown and bridge cases. Their suitability for use in your mouth can be assessed by our dentists.

At Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental, our dentists will assess your individual situation and discuss the treatment options with you. All tooth replacement options will be discussed and the best solution for your situation can be decided upon. The procedure is able to be completed under local anaesthesia, however sedation is available upon request. While usually a new denture is made to fit onto the dental implants, your previous denture can often be retro-fitted if desired. Once completed, your denture will snap onto the mini implants resulting in a completely reliable system allowing you to speak and eat with confidence. Due to the small footprint of these implants, we are able to minimise post operative discomfort, and can often enjoy a light meal just hours after being placed.

When considering the long-term nature of this treatment, dental implants are quite affordable, and are able to be used in nearly all cases. Of course, what you gain is a life free from a lot of discomfort and embarressment due to missing teeth, or loose dentures.

To discuss how we can help replace your missing teeth in the strongest, most comfortable way, arrange an appointment to speak with our caring dentists today.